BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterBuild TF-A with Trusty SPD.Andrew Walbran6 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-08-20Build TF-A with Trusty SPD.HEADmasterAndrew Walbran
2020-04-21Rebuild Linux with new Clang version, to avoid errors unloading hafnium module.Andrew Walbran
2020-04-07Update prebuilt Clang to r365631c1 from Android.Andrew Walbran
2020-03-10Update repo to v2.4David Brazdil
2020-01-23Update TF-A to latest upstream version, and build for QEMU too.Andrew Walbran
2019-12-11Update Linux prebuilt to v5.4.2David Brazdil
2019-10-31Update prebuilt QEMU to 4.1.0Fuad Tabba
2019-10-31Update TF-A prebuilt, add RPi4 binaryDavid Brazdil
2019-10-22Update prebuilt Clang to match Android kernel.Andrew Walbran
2019-10-21Add prebuilt GCC/binutils from Android.Andrew Walbran