BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterTC0 platform: update project/reference submoduleArunachalam Ganapathy21 hours
AgeCommit messageAuthor
21 hoursTC0 platform: update project/reference submoduleHEADmasterArunachalam Ganapathy
41 hoursProvide get cpu by index helperOlivier Deprez
6 daysFix typo in assert string.Andrew Walbran
6 daysUse separate function for making FF-A calls to EL3.Andrew Walbran
7 daysTest fragmented memory sharing with Trusty.Andrew Walbran
7 daysFix function name in comment.Andrew Walbran
12 daysFF-A: implement a handler loop for SPMCOlivier Deprez
12 daysTest reclaiming memory from EL3.Andrew Walbran
12 daysTest sharing memory with Trusty in Secure World.Andrew Walbran
14 daysRun QEMU tests with Trusty SPD.Andrew Walbran