BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
mastertf-a-builder: workaround mbedtls server certificate verification failureFathi Boudra5 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-02-27tf-a-builder: workaround mbedtls server certificate verification failureHEADmasterFathi Boudra
2020-02-10trigger-tf-a-builder: re-enable communication back to GerritFathi Boudra
2020-01-30post-build-lava: remove the pool of jobs to monitorFathi Boudra
2020-01-29tf-a-builder: don't download rootfsFathi Boudra
2020-01-29trigger-tf-a-builder: update test_groups to build fip.binFathi Boudra
2020-01-29tf-a-builder: lava: fix recovery image URL in Juno templateFathi Boudra
2020-01-29tf-a-builder: lava: update Juno job definitionFathi Boudra
2020-01-29tf-a-builder: lava: update the recovery image to 19.06Fathi Boudra
2020-01-28tf-a-builder: workaround script when using gerritFathi Boudra
2020-01-28tf-a-builder: match defaut branch/refspec to masterFathi Boudra