path: root/bionic-amd64-tf-m-build/Dockerfile
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
7 daysRevert "Fetch and install Coverity on-line tool"HEADmasterRiku Voipio
9 daysFetch and install Coverity on-line toolLeonardo Sandoval
10 daysFetch and unzip Linaro's platform filesLeonardo Sandoval
11 daysInstall clang-tools-6.0 packageLeonardo Sandoval
11 daysInclude libxml-libxml-perl packageLeonardo Sandoval
2020-09-24Include GNU-GCC aarch64 (9.2-2019.12) and armclang (6.13) toolchainsLeonardo Sandoval
2020-09-15TF-M: Add tools for code coverageKarl Zhang
2020-09-08TF-M: Update Cmake to 3.15Karl Zhang
2020-08-10TF-M: Add bison and flex to bionic tf-m-buildMate Toth-Pal
2020-08-10TF-M: Add setup-ssh and fix permissionsBenjamin Copeland
2020-07-30TF-M: Changes for YADPBenjamin Copeland
2020-06-30TF-M: Update docker image to include missing depsBenjamin Copeland
2020-06-30TF-M: Re-trigger jobsBenjamin Copeland
2020-06-29TF-M: Update cmake versionBenjamin Copeland
2020-06-25TF-M: Set Python3 as the default instead of Python2Benjamin Copeland
2020-06-17TF-M: Add Bionic imageBenjamin Copeland