AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
3 hoursPSoC64: Move BSP changes to the TFM platform codeHEADmasterChris Brand
3 hoursPSoC64: Move BSP changes to TFM platform codeChris Brand
4 hoursDocs: Add more documentation of TF-M ProfilesRaef Coles
18 hoursBoot: Add CTR mode support to mbedcrypto configRaef Coles
19 hoursDocs: Specify the version requirement of Python3David Vincze
27 hoursPSoC64: Layout and partition changesChris Brand
27 hoursPSoC64: Clean up region_defs.hChris Brand
37 hoursBuild: Fix cpu and arch for sse_300Raef Coles
40 hoursBuild: Fix stm targets after modern cmake mergeMichel Jaouen
40 hoursPlatform: Rework dummy crypto_key and tfm_rotpk to fix unresolved atMichel Jaouen
46 hoursHAL: Fix hal status type definitionMingyang Sun
3 daysplatform: Added deprecation warnings for AN539Minos Galanakis
3 daysDocs: Fix format issue in PSoC 64 specificsDavid Hu
4 daysSPM: Include header file 'tfm_hal_defs.h' to SPM logShawn Shan
6 daysBuild: Install veneer function binaryDavid Hu
6 daysBuild: Change NS log from interface to test log systemKevin Peng
6 daysSPM: Update log parameter to 'char *'Shawn Shan
7 daysBuild: Update the test partition manifestKen Liu
7 daysBuild: Put generated header files to 'build' directoryMingyang Sun
7 daysDocs: Update the design document of SPM logShawn Shan
8 daysBuild: Use generated psa_manifest header filesMingyang Sun
8 daysBuild: Fix issues with CC312 OTP configurationRaef Coles
8 daysBuild: Disable CC312 logging except in debug buildRaef Coles
8 daysDocs: Select IPC model when building psa-arch-tests FF test suiteDavid Hu
8 daysDocs: Design of the TF-M log HALEdison Ai
8 daysPlatform: Remove un-used log header fileKevin Peng
8 daysBuild: Renable dual-cpu multiple PSA client call featureDavid Hu
9 daysPlatform: Add a workaround for Musca-A flash driver alignment issueMarton Berke
9 daysBuild: Remove platform_bl2 in secure library linkMichel Jaouen
10 daysCrypto: Make parameter error code consistentSoby Mathew
10 daysCrypto: Fix difference between IPC and Library modeSoby Mathew
10 daysPlatform: Add TEST_PSA_API config to compile defSoby Mathew
10 daysDocs: Clarify the build override rulesSoby Mathew
10 daysBuild: Allow crypto accelerators to override configSoby Mathew
10 daysBuild: Correct the description of Crypto configSoby Mathew
10 daysCrypto: Correct setting of config parametersSoby Mathew
10 daysBuild: Add config for PSA API testsSoby Mathew
12 daysTFMV-1: Add Stack seal advisorySoby Mathew
13 daysSPM: Add a panic after NS jumpingKen Liu
13 daysStack_seal_mitigation: Seal stack for interrupt deprivilegingKen Liu
13 daysStack_seal_mitigation: Seal the PSP stacks for Library mode.Soby Mathew
13 daysStack_seal_mitigation: Seal thread stacks for IPC modeKen Liu
13 daysStack_seal_mitigation: Secure harden the Main Stack Pointer (MSP)Ken Liu
13 daysSPM: Unify exception priority setting codeKen Liu
14 daysPlatform PSoC64: Replace IPC sema spin-lock with IPC lockCharley Chu
2020-10-14Build: Enable PSA ff test partitionsRaef Coles
2020-10-14Docs: Update run commands for new build systemSummer Qin
2020-10-14SPM: Remove unused partition memory infoKen Liu
2020-10-14Build: Correct AN539 build optionsKen Liu
2020-10-13Platform: Document system startup requirementsJamie Fox