path: root/plat/renesas
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-10-09Don't return error information from console_flushJimmy Brisson
2020-04-28rcar_gen3: plat: Zero-terminate the string in unsigned_num_print()Marek Vasut
2020-02-25rcar: Use generic console_t data structureAndre Przywara
2020-02-15rcar_gen3: plat: Minor coding style fix for rcar_version.hMarek Vasut
2020-02-15rcar_gen3: plat: Update IPL and Secure Monitor Rev.2.0.6Yoshifumi Hosoya
2020-02-15rcar_gen3: plat: Update IPL and Secure Monitor Rev.2.0.5Toshiyuki Ogasahara
2020-02-15rcar_gen3: plat: Change fixed destination address of BL31 and BL32Toshiyuki Ogasahara
2020-01-30Merge "Use correct type when reading SCR register" into integrationAlexei Fedorov
2020-01-28Enable -Wredundant-decls warning checkMadhukar Pappireddy
2020-01-28Use correct type when reading SCR registerLouis Mayencourt
2020-01-22Prevent speculative execution past ERETAnthony Steinhauser
2020-01-15rcar_gen3: Add missing #{address,size}-cells into generated DTMarek Vasut
2020-01-06rcar_gen3: plat: Pass DT to OpTee OSMarek Vasut
2020-01-06rcar_gen3: drivers: ddr: Move DDR drivers out of stagingMarek Vasut
2019-11-19Enable -Wshadow alwaysJustin Chadwell
2019-08-29rcar_get3: drivers: ddr: Partly unify register macros between DDR A and BMarek Vasut
2019-08-29rcar_get3: drivers: ddr: Clean up common codeMarek Vasut
2019-08-16rcar_gen3: plat: Rename RCAR_PRODUCT_* to PRR_PRODUCT_*Marek Vasut
2019-08-16rcar_gen3: plat: Factor out PRR_ macros into rcar_def.hMarek Vasut
2019-08-01Replace __ASSEMBLY__ with compiler-builtin __ASSEMBLER__Julius Werner
2019-07-16Merge changes from topic "jc/shift-overflow" into integrationSoby Mathew
2019-07-12rcar_gen3: plat: Update IPL and Secure Monitor Rev2.0.4Toshiyuki Ogasahara
2019-07-11Update renesas platform to not rely on undefined overflow behaviourJustin Chadwell
2019-06-22rcar_gen3: drivers: pfc: Move PFC drivers out of stagingMarek Vasut
2019-06-17rcar_gen3: drivers: qos: Move QoS drivers out of stagingMarek Vasut
2019-06-14rcar_gen3: console: Convert to multi-console APIMarek Vasut
2019-04-11rcar_gen3: plat: Update IPL and Secure Monitor Rev2.0.3Toshiyuki Ogasahara
2019-04-11rcar_gen3: drivers: Change to restore timer counter value at resumeToshiyuki Ogasahara
2019-04-11rcar_gen3: plat: Update IPL and Secure Monitor Rev2.0.2Toshiyuki Ogasahara
2019-04-11rcar_gen3: plat: Change periodic write DQ training option.Toshiyuki Ogasahara
2019-04-02rcar_gen3: plat: Add R-Car V3M supportValentine Barshak
2019-04-02rcar_gen3: plat: Add initial D3 supportMarek Vasut
2019-04-02rcar_gen3: plat: Print DRAM bank size in MiB if below 1 GiBMarek Vasut
2019-03-27rcar_gen3: plat: Set M3W ULCB DRAM size to 2 GiBMarek Vasut
2019-03-04rcar_gen3: Add M3-W 3.0 supportMarek Vasut
2019-02-20rcar_gen3: plat: Prevent PCIe hang during L1X config accessMarek Vasut
2019-02-01Remove unneeded include paths in PLAT_INCLUDESAntonio Nino Diaz
2019-01-29rcar_gen3: plat: Add missing cpu_on_check() implementationMarek Vasut
2019-01-29rcar_gen3: plat: Allow E3 auto-detectionMarek Vasut
2019-01-29rcar_gen3: plat: Drop unused macroMarek Vasut
2019-01-29Revert "rcar_gen3: plat: Enable programmable CPU reset address"Marek Vasut
2019-01-08rcar_gen3: plat: update renesas version to 2.0.0Marek Vasut
2019-01-08rcar_gen3: drivers: pwrc: Switch to common delay implementationMarek Vasut
2019-01-08rcar_gen3: drivers: delay: Rewrite from assembler to CMarek Vasut
2019-01-08rcar_gen3: plat: Add generic timer initMarek Vasut
2019-01-08rcar_gen3: drivers: cpld: Move rcar_cpld_reset_cpu() into headerMarek Vasut
2019-01-08rcar_gen3: plat: Dump EL3 interrupt error registersMarek Vasut
2019-01-08rcar_gen3: plat: Enable programmable CPU reset addressMarek Vasut
2019-01-08rcar_gen3: plat: Disable IPMMU PV0 cache on E3Marek Vasut
2019-01-08rcar_gen3: plat: Add E3 rev. 1.1 supportMarek Vasut