AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-02-12trusty: Allow gic base to be specified with GICD_BASEArve Hjønnevåg
2020-02-12trusty: Allow getting trusty memsize from BL32_MEM_SIZE instead of TSP_SEC_ME...Arve Hjønnevåg
2020-02-12Fix clang build if CC is not in the path.Arve Hjønnevåg
2020-02-12Merge "doc: debugfs remove references section and add topic to components ind...Mark Dykes
2020-02-12Merge "intel: Change boot source selection" into integrationSandrine Bailleux
2020-02-12Merge changes Ib68092d1,I816ea14e into integrationSandrine Bailleux
2020-02-12doc: debugfs remove references section and add topic to components indexOlivier Deprez
2020-02-12Merge "Fixes ROTPK hash generation for ECDSA encryption" into integrationjoanna.farley
2020-02-11Merge changes from topic "lm/fconf" into integrationSandrine Bailleux
2020-02-11Fixes ROTPK hash generation for ECDSA encryptionMax Shvetsov
2020-02-11Merge changes from topic "spmd" into integrationOlivier Deprez
2020-02-10Merge "coverity: Fix MISRA null pointer violations" into integrationMark Dykes
2020-02-10Merge "Make PAC demangling more generic" into integrationMark Dykes
2020-02-10Merge "SPM: modify sptool to generate individual SP blobs" into integrationOlivier Deprez
2020-02-10Merge "fvp: Slightly Bump the stack size for bl1 and bl2" into integrationManish Pandey
2020-02-10Merge changes from topic "amlogic/axg" into integrationManish Pandey
2020-02-10SPMD: enable SPM dispatcher supportAchin Gupta
2020-02-10SPMD: hook SPMD into standard services frameworkAchin Gupta
2020-02-10SPMD: add SPM dispatcher based upon SPCI Beta 0 specAchin Gupta
2020-02-10SPMD: add support to run BL32 in TDRAM and BL31 in secure DRAM on Arm FVPAchin Gupta
2020-02-10SPMD: add support for an example SPM core manifestAchin Gupta
2020-02-10Merge changes from topics "rddaniel", "rdn1edge_dual" into integrationManish Pandey
2020-02-10SPM: modify sptool to generate individual SP blobsManish Pandey
2020-02-10Merge "intel: Include address range check for SiP Mailbox" into integrationSandrine Bailleux
2020-02-07Make PAC demangling more genericAlexei Fedorov
2020-02-07Merge "qemu: define ARMV7_SUPPORTS_VFP" into integrationSandrine Bailleux
2020-02-07Merge changes from topic "rdn1edge_dual" into integrationSandrine Bailleux
2020-02-07plat/arm: add board support for rd-daniel platformAditya Angadi
2020-02-07board/rde1edge: fix incorrect topology tree descriptionVijayenthiran Subramaniam
2020-02-07plat/arm/sgi: move GIC related constants to board filesVijayenthiran Subramaniam
2020-02-07plat/arm/sgi: introduce number of chips macroVijayenthiran Subramaniam
2020-02-07platform/arm/sgi: add multi-chip mode parameter in HW_CONFIG dtsVijayenthiran Subramaniam
2020-02-07board/rdn1edge: add support for dual-chip configurationVijayenthiran Subramaniam
2020-02-07drivers/arm/scmi: allow use of multiple SCMI channelsAditya Angadi
2020-02-07drivers/mhu: derive doorbell base addressAditya Angadi
2020-02-07plat/arm/sgi: include AFF3 affinity in core position calculationVijayenthiran Subramaniam
2020-02-07plat/arm/sgi: add macros for remote chip device regionVijayenthiran Subramaniam
2020-02-07plat/arm/sgi: add chip_id and multi_chip_mode to platform variant infoVijayenthiran Subramaniam
2020-02-07plat/arm/sgi: move bl31_platform_setup to board fileVijayenthiran Subramaniam
2020-02-07arm-io: Panic in case of io setup failureLouis Mayencourt
2020-02-07MISRA fix: Use boolean essential typeLouis Mayencourt
2020-02-07fconf: Add documentationLouis Mayencourt
2020-02-07fconf: Move platform io policies into fconfLouis Mayencourt
2020-02-07fconf: Add mbedtls shared heap as propertyLouis Mayencourt
2020-02-07fconf: Add TBBR disable_authentication propertyLouis Mayencourt
2020-02-07fconf: Add dynamic config DTBs info as propertyLouis Mayencourt
2020-02-07fconf: Populate properties from dtb during bl2 setupLouis Mayencourt
2020-02-07fconf: Load config dtb from bl1Louis Mayencourt
2020-02-07fconf: initial commitLouis Mayencourt
2020-02-07qemu: define ARMV7_SUPPORTS_VFPJerome Forissier