BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
integrationMerge "xilinx: Unify Platform specific defines for PSCI module" into integrationMark Dykes6 hours
masterMerge changes from topic "bridge-en" into integrationManish Pandey25 hours
topics/spci_beta0_spmdSPMD: Add support for SPCI_ID_GETMarc Bonnici9 weeks
v2.2trusted-firmware-a-2.2.tar.gz  Joanna Farley3 months
v2.2-rc2trusted-firmware-a-2.2-rc2.tar.gz  Joanna Farley3 months
v2.2-rc1tag fea423304b...Joanna Farley3 months
v2.2-rc0trusted-firmware-a-2.2-rc0.tar.gz  Joanna Farley4 months
v2.1trusted-firmware-a-2.1.tar.gz  Joanna Farley10 months
v2.1-rc1trusted-firmware-a-2.1-rc1.tar.gz  Joanna Farley10 months
v2.1-rc0trusted-firmware-a-2.1-rc0.tar.gz  Joanna Farley10 months
v2.0trusted-firmware-a-2.0.tar.gz  Joanna Farley16 months
v2.0-rc0trusted-firmware-a-2.0-rc0.tar.gz  Joanna Farley16 months
v1.6trusted-firmware-a-1.6.tar.gz  Joanna Farley16 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
25 hoursMerge changes from topic "bridge-en" into integrationHEADmasterManish Pandey
30 hoursMerge "xilinx: versal: PLM to ATF handover" into integrationAlexei Fedorov
30 hoursMerge "xilinx: common: Move ATF handover to common file" into integrationAlexei Fedorov
31 hoursMerge "Revert "Changes necessary to support SEPARATE_NOBITS_REGION feature"" ...Mark Dykes
31 hoursMerge "Revert "plat/arm: Add support for SEPARATE_NOBITS_REGION"" into integr...Mark Dykes
31 hoursRevert "plat/arm: Add support for SEPARATE_NOBITS_REGION"Mark Dykes
33 hoursMerge "Errata workarounds N1 1043202, 1315703 default off" into integrationAlexei Fedorov
36 hoursErrata workarounds N1 1043202, 1315703 default offlaurenw-arm
36 hoursMerge "spm-mm: correcting instructions to build SPM for FVP" into integrationManish Pandey
37 hoursspm-mm: correcting instructions to build SPM for FVPManish Pandey