BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterhikey, hikey960: set CFG_TEE_RAM_VA_SIZE to 2 MiBJerome Forissier5 months
spci_beta0_spmcSPMC: enable support for initialisation on secondary CPUs using PSCIAchin Gupta4 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-10-07hikey, hikey960: set CFG_TEE_RAM_VA_SIZE to 2 MiBHEADmasterJerome Forissier
2019-10-03driver: implement CAAM driverCedric Neveux
2019-10-03core: imx: add imx7ulp CRM registersClement Faure
2019-10-02core: tadb.c: get rid of atomic reference countingJerome Forissier
2019-09-30core: add support for dumping build configuration info on bootJerome Forissier
2019-09-30scripts/bin_to_c.py: add support for text filesJerome Forissier
2019-09-30Makefile: add .DELETE_ON_ERRORJerome Forissier
2019-09-27TA dev kit: Clang supportJerome Forissier
2019-09-27ci: shippable: build some platforms with ClangJerome Forissier
2019-09-27Experimental Clang supportJerome Forissier