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masterReplace inline license terms with SPDX license tagsEtienne Carriere17 months
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2019-04-23Replace inline license terms with SPDX license tagsHEADmasterEtienne Carriere
2019-04-23add LICENSE fileEtienne Carriere
2019-03-01docs: Remove current docs and link to the new locationJoakim Bech
2018-12-10Fix format specifier in call to INFO macroChrisG55
2018-06-25benchmark: misc. cosmetic fixesIgor Opaniuk
2018-06-25benchmark: detect libteec offsetIgor Opaniuk
2018-06-25benchmark: change ts buffer allocation flowIgor Opaniuk
2018-06-25benchmark: alignment fixesIgor Opaniuk
2018-02-27Initial CMake supportJens Wiklander
2017-11-28refine Makefilel00176142