BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
3.10.0Add missing closing tagsJerome Forissier5 weeks
3.2.0OP-TEE 3.2.0 stableJerome Forissier2 years
3.3.0OP-TEE 3.3.0 stableJerome Forissier24 months
3.4.0OP-TEE 3.4.0 stableJerome Forissier20 months
3.5.0OP-TEE 3.5.0 stableJoakim Bech17 months
3.6.0Restore broken (empty) juno.xmlJerome Forissier14 months
3.7.0OP-TEE 3.7.0 stableJoakim Bech11 months
3.8.0repo: remove symlink creation to gdbJoakim Bech8 weeks
3.9.0OP-TEE 3.9.0 stableJens Wiklander4 months
masterUpdate buildroot to 2020.08Jerome Forissier2 days
3.10.0manifest-3.10.0.tar.gz  Jerome Forissier6 weeks
3.9.0manifest-3.9.0.tar.gz  Jens Wiklander4 months
3.8.0manifest-3.8.0.tar.gz  Jerome Forissier8 months
3.7.0manifest-3.7.0.tar.gz  Joakim Bech11 months
3.7.0-rc1manifest-3.7.0-rc1.tar.gz  Joakim Bech12 months
3.6.0manifest-3.6.0.tar.gz  Jerome Forissier15 months
3.5.0manifest-3.5.0.tar.gz  Joakim Bech17 months
3.4.0manifest-3.4.0.tar.gz  Jerome Forissier20 months
3.3.0manifest-3.3.0.tar.gz  Jerome Forissier24 months
3.2.0manifest-3.2.0.tar.gz  Jerome Forissier2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2 daysUpdate buildroot to 2020.08HEADmasterJerome Forissier
2020-08-24make_stable.sh: add missing closing tagJerome Forissier
2020-08-12qemu-v7,v8: step up QEMU version to 5.1.0Jerome Forissier
2020-08-10make_stable: use OP-TEE tag for linaro-swg linux repositoryEtienne Carriere
2020-07-08hikey.xml: update burn-bootJerome Forissier
2020-07-01hikey.xml: update burn-bootJerome Forissier
2020-06-10qemu_v8: Bump TF-A version to v2.3Etienne Carriere
2020-06-10qemu: Bump TF-A version to v2.3Etienne Carriere
2020-06-10qemu: Bump U-Boot version to v2020.04Etienne Carriere
2020-06-05stm32mp1: add initial supportEtienne Carriere