BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterhikey, hikey960: remove unused variable STRACE_PATHJerome Forissier6 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-10-07hikey, hikey960: remove unused variable STRACE_PATHHEADmasterJerome Forissier
2019-10-07hikey960: enable Wi-FiJerome Forissier
2019-09-10common.mk: use ccache to build OP-TEE user space librariesJerome Forissier
2019-09-04common.mk: buildroot: append BR2_ variables to config automaticallyJerome Forissier
2019-08-13Move trusted firmware repo to new locationVictor Chong
2019-08-13Rename ARM_TF to TF_AVictor Chong
2019-08-13qemu_v8: Add support for Secure Boot (TBB)Victor Chong
2019-08-07br-ext: optee_client: fix typoVictor Chong
2019-06-28Add support for Raspberry Pi 3 B plusPhilby John
2019-06-11hikey.mk: build ptable img for both 8G & 4G boardsVictor Chong